About Us:

The aim of the Global South Center is to rethink politics from the perspective of social life. We propose projects that strongly engage with social ecologies across diverse geopolitical spaces. By using the term social ecologies we refer to the knowledge, technologies, and cultural formats that are already embedded within living communities around the planet. Our research and empirically-driven studies aim to understand the global, national, and local forces that maintain exploitative conditions over the political autonomy and cultural forms of regions and collectivities. We also focus on alternative formations that differently inhabit and imagine possibilities for a dynamic and more just world. In tandem with the Global North, the Center establishes dialogues between the interconnected histories of diverse regions across the Global South.

Conventional definitions of the Global South focus on the geographical regions of Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania and sometimes include the Arab world and so-called less developed nations. We offer a different conceptualization, one that extends theories, ideas, and practices to think from southern epistemes or the undervalued perspectives and ways of organizing social life that emerge from and within enlivened communities of difference. Therefore, we understand the term Global South relationally and in a post-national sense. We recognize the term Global South as referring to regions, societies, individuals, networks, social relations, narratives and ways of life which are marginalized or are entirely excluded from global centers of power.


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