Inaugural Symposium

The Global South Initiative at Pratt Institute presented our inaugural symposium. We invited scholars and artists to present their work and engage the Pratt audiences and wider community in intersectional exploration related to acute intensification of inequality, loss of cultural and physical habitat, exploitation of labor and cultural practices, and racial injustice. Topics and works presented seeked to center migration, movement, and sound as submerged perspectives that counter dominant formations. The Global South Initiative invited the audience to think, dance, analyze, and explore the contemporary socio-cultural phenomena and visual arts towards an increased understanding of local and global violence, movement, music, and trans-bodies across diverse geopolitical landscapes. The inaugural symposium pointed the direction of undervalued cultural forms and silenced narratives.


Camae Ayewa, Jonathan Beller, Cisco Bradley, Julian T. Brolaski, Rashida K. Braggs, Caitlin Cahill, Patricia Ticineto Clough, Kency Cornejo, Lisabeth During, Jordannah Elizabeth, Mark Franko, Jens Richard Giersdorf, Marcial Godoy-Anativia, Macarena Gómez-Barris, Jack Halberstam, Patricia Hoffbauer, May Joseph, Liz Knauer, Benjamin Lee, Luka Lucic, Jennifer Miller, Toby Miller, Erum Naqvi, Sally Ann Ness, Mark Nowak, Ross Poole, Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, Andrew Ross, Neferti X. M. Tadiar

Global South